Emma One Sock

Migrating Online Store

About The Client

Emma One Sock is a web-based fashion fabric store with +25 years on the market. They strive to provide their customers with a steady supply of fashionable, upscale fabrics, from some of the finest designers and manufacturers from all around the world.

Work Carried Out

We have been working with them on migrating their online store to some of the most cutting-edge technologies, to make it faster, safer, and more user-friendly. They have been running their website with an online shop on a legacy ASP Classic code. We picked ASP .NET Core framework as the best replacement, and have been gradually replacing the existing modules. The new solution is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud computing service, to take advantage of its flexibility and scalability.
We also helped them integrate the website with a CMS, backed up by Redis cache. The front-end had a number of dynamic components, for which we decided to use Vue.Js framework. Finally, we used Amazon S3 cloud service for storing assets.

Applied Technologies

  • Microsoft ASP

  • .Net Core

  • Azure
    SQL Server

  • Vue.Js

  • ZURB

  • Piranha CMS

  • Amazon S3

  • Redis


We had to integrate the existing authentication and metadata on the ASP classic site with the new one, so that both could be seamlessly used by users and allow us to gradually replace site’s modules. Besides this, we worked towards changing the previously rigid layout into a responsive one, while still keeping the look and feel of the site, which has a lot of dedicated customers. Another challenge we had to face, was writing a search engine, using a full-text search, allowing customers to easily find desired products.

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